• With the holidays just around the corner, my mind is all geared up for the various gift giving opportunities. Like most people, I love making cookies, candies, or other concoctions from my kitchen. What I don’t love, is the cost of cute plates or baskets to give the goodies in.

    One of my favorite things to do is head out to goodwill and pick up unusual plates to pack our goodies on. I also love going to the dollar store and buying plain white dishes. Yes, they are boring, but they don’t have to be. Using porcelain paint markers you can change that boring plate into something special.

    Who would not love a plate or platter with their name on it?

    Around here I usually let my kids do the doodling or coloring on the plates. Then I will add some text. The date, the families name who we are gifting to, and so on. The best part about this, is that it becomes a huge part of the gift itself. Who would not love a plate or platter with their name on it? And tell me, what grandparent doesn’t want a plate with their grandkid’s drawings on it? Possibly the cutest application I can think of; A tea party where all the little guests design their own tea cup to take home as their favor! This is such an easy craft that has so many applications.

    The process is simple, just doodle and draw. Place your finished pieces into a room temperature oven. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Bake your pieces for thirty minutes. Turn off the oven and allow everything to cool back to room temperature. When buying your markers be sure to look for food safe or non-toxic markers!