• We are back to making some fabulous Christmas ornaments today. This one is geared toward the most tiny of fingers. Okay, maybe not the most tiny, but definitely small. I’m talking one to two year old hands. Although my big kids participated in this craft too. They just can’t get enough gluing I suppose.

    You will need:
    Pom poms in Christmas colors
    Matching ribbons
    White glue
    Empty cereal boxes
    Paper plate for glue
    Cotton swabs

    Take your cereal boxes and cut cute little Christmas shapes into them. We like to do an O shape for wreaths, candy cane shapes, tree shapes, and so on. Whatever you and your little ones desire will be fine.

    Next place a small amount of white glue on a paper plate. Show your little one how to dip a cotton swab into their glue and dab it on the cardboard. The cotton swabs really help to ensure you don’t have many glue mess tragedies. They help, but they make no guarantees. Once your glue is in place stick on some Pom Poms!

    You have two choices here, you can let them go to town and put the Pom Poms on the cardboard shapes any way they like or you can guide them. For example help them to create the red and white pattern on the candy cane shape. Help them to choose mostly green for the trees and only use a few other colors to be ornaments. You get the idea.

    My son loved this project so much that he continued to do it until we ran out of Pom Poms.

    When he ran out of stuff I set everything aside to dry. He liked the gluing so it took a while. When they were dry I wrote his name and the year on the backs. Then I simply attached a ribbon so they could be hung on a tree or attached to a gift.