• Feeling good during pregnancy is really hard.

    Your body is changing, and hormones are flaring. You get bad breakouts, swell up like a balloon, and begin to sweat more often. Yuck. Not to mention that you don’t sleep well, leaving your face sallow and with under eye circles. Don’t get me wrong, I think pregnancy is amazing. Beautiful is just not the word I would choose. I would have gone with astonishing, or miraculous. Not necessarily beautiful. Perhaps that’s just because I’m in the throw of it, and feel most unattractive.

    To cope, I do nice things for myself. I get pedicures. At least this way my feet look cute when they are swollen in flip-flops. I splurge on a really good hair cut. Going to a more expensive salon with stylists who can guide me to a good cut that fits my pregnancy face (read that, thicker) is well worth the extra coin.

    Also, investing in some good quality maternity clothes can help you feel better too. I’m not saying to go blow the budget, but a few key pieces should do the trick. Maternity clothes are designed to make you accentuate your growing belly (and be comfortable). If you make it clear that you are indeed pregnant, people are more likely to compliment you which always helps the self esteem a touch. And with each pregnancy I have gone to Sephora and gotten my makeup updated. It’s always nice to have someone guide me to newer and trendier colors.

    Doing what you can to take care of yourself, going to bed early and chugging that water will also help. Don’t forget that pregnant women are known for their amazing hair, show yours off!