• With each pregnancy, I have craved vastly different things and all to different degrees. With my first, cravings were not very intense, they felt more like good ideas. If I didn’t fulfill them, it wasn’t a big deal.

    My second was slightly more intense. I wanted protein all the time. Cheese, eggs, meat, hamburgers… You get the idea. I wasn’t specific on which kind of cheese, or how the meat was cooked, I just wanted protein.

    Now with my third I want very specific foods, and if I don’t get them I cannot stop thinking about them. Chances are I won’t eat anything else until I get them. It is unreal. After a few long chats with my Obstetrician, who I now consider a girlfriend, she enlightened me as to why you should give in to your cravings. Your growing baby will always get the nutrients they need. They take them from your body, your supply that you otherwise would use for you. This leaves you depleted. That’s why we take pre-natal vitamins, to ensure that our body has enough for the baby and us. Sometimes growing babies need extra nutrients, and that’s where pregnancy cravings come in. When I craved protein, it was because the baby was using up all of my protein. Our bodies are amazing (especially during pregnancy) and send us signals about what we need. So don’t feel guilty if your body is craving ice cream. Perhaps you are running low on calcium and sugar.

    I’m not saying you should eat the whole container, but instead saying that it is absolutely okay to have some if that is what you are craving. If it makes you feel bad, take an extra walk to combat the calories. Always feed your baby what it needs and wants!