• When I look back at being pregnant, I always being so unbelievably tired that I could fall asleep anytime I wasn’t moving for longer than two seconds. I could never get enough sleep, and never had a hard time falling asleep. It was as easy as breathing.

    I’m not saying that my sleep was uninterrupted, I had plenty of middle of the night bathroom trips, but getting back to sleep was never a problem. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that I completely woke up to pee. This time however is a whole new box of cookies.

    I am 22 weeks pregnant with my third child, and I cannot sleep to save my life. I lie in bed, exhausted, thinking about how great sleep would be. And the night passes around me and my frustrating lack of sleep. It is undeniably hard to get up and be a fantastic super mom with so little sleep. After much research, and a few long talks with my OB here are the tips I can offer to help you get some much needed shuteye. An hour before you want to go to sleep. Turn off most of the lights and the TV. Try to create a relaxing atmosphere. Read before bed, something familiar that you don’t get too sucked into. If you are suffering from heartburn, ask your OB if there is something you can take to keep it from waking you up at night. You can also try sleeping with your head slightly elevated. Going potty at night, is sort of unavoidable, but you can try to get most of your fluids before about 5pm to help reduce the number of times you have to get up. Pillows are a pregnant woman’s best friend. I sleep with at least four. One for my head, one between the knees and one on either side of my body to support my back and my belly.

    If all else fails, talk to your OB about any safe medications you can take to help you fall and stay asleep.