• Quality spouse time is hard to come by when you have kids. It is easy to put your relationship with your spouse on hold because you are busy with work, house duties, and of course kids! Studies have shown that kids who see their parents being affectionate grow up healthier and happier.

    Okay, maybe I made up the happier part, but I imagine it must be true. Don’t be afraid to cuddle, hug, and kiss in front of your kids. Show them how a husband and a wife are supposed to treat each other! Along those same lines comes “Date Nights.” We don’t get to do date nights often in my house, but when we do we make sure it’s special. Not special “we spend the kids college fund.” But special in that we explain to the kids what we are doing. It’s “Mommy and Daddy” special time. (On another note we also plan special one on one time with the kids.) Our goal is to teach our children that our marriage is important and deserves special attention.

    To make Date Nights work here we trade babysitting with another couple our age. This works for several reasons. First all of our kids get along and play well together. So one couple watches the kids and the kids get a special adventure to a friend’s house. Second, this way both couples get the night off that they deserve. Sometimes we don’t even go that far. We have nights when we simple put the kids to bed a touch early and hang out together. Big Daddy and I are nerds so that can include watching movies (RedBox Rules!) or playing video games.

    What is important is that we are spending time with each other and remembering why they are our best friends.