• Because spring is here, despite the fact that it is still snowing outside here, we have started our flowers and butterflies and rainbow crafting. It just makes the house feel so much more cheery. After the long winter we have had, cheery is what we need!

    All kids seem to love rainbows, and who can blame them? Rainbows are truly something magical. This craft was chosen especially for my youngest, he thinks rainbows are awesome. And being able to eat them makes them that much better.

    To make this super simple craft you need some Fruit Loops cereal, ripe bananas, and a flat plate.

    Prepping for this craft was simple. I cut out some pictures of rainbows from magazines just to be seen as a visual guide for my kids. Obviously the older kids won’t need this so much and can create from their own imagination.

    Just before handing over a bowl full of Fruit Loops I center the peeled bananas on a separate plate just within their reach. Now all my kids had to do was sort through their bowl of cereal for the right colors. Then they glued them in the appropriate place on their plate using the banana as glue. My youngest, who is two, thoroughly enjoyed the sorting and the gluing. He also liked tasting some of the cereal treat too. Once the rainbow is complete shape some larger chunks of banana to the ends to make it look like clouds.

    I love that you can make your rainbow as big or as small as you think your kids would enjoy. My littlest had a smaller rainbow simply because his attention span was not as great as my older kids. Plus he was too busy eating most of his craft materials.

    The big kids got to make their rainbows as they saw fit, which was great for their creative outlet. Got to love a craft that is fun for all ages involved and is also a cute snack.