• A few months back, I took my kids to the Crayola factory in Pennsylvania. It was a blast for my art loving children. While we were there we picked up cute little souvenir shirts and fabric markers that they used to color the shirts. The whole thing was really cute. My kids love their shirts. We have since used the fabric markers on other shirts and even some socks. My kids get such a kick out of designing their own clothes. So when I heard that you can create your own iron on transfers I knew this was right up our alley.

    This whole thing seemed too easy to be true, but I figured we could try it anyway.

    You will need:

    • Crayons
    • Fine grit sandpaper
    • A shirt (white works best I think)
    • An iron

    Give your kids a piece of sand paper and some crayons. Have them draw some pictures. Make sure they press good and hard to get that crayon wax on the sand paper. I don’t recommend having your kids write their names because the design will be reversed. So unless they are awesome and can mirror their name, they might be upset.

    My daughter chose a heart and flower design. Go figure. She did a great job of making sure the crayon layer was good and thick.
    We put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the shirt to avoid any bleed through, then placed the sandpaper design side down where we wanted it on the front of the shirt.

    Place a dish towel on top of the sand paper. Grab your iron and get to work! We ironed the area for about a minute then removed the sand paper. Voila! You have successfully transferred your child’s drawing to a shirt!

    To fully set the colors toss it by itself into the dryer for fifteen minutes or so. Then wash and dry it one time before wearing.