• Quality outdoor time comes in many forms. I am a big supporter of giving kids the chance to get good and dirty. Letting them explore as much as they can safely. So, this past weekend we busted out the shaving cream. There are a few ways to play with shaving cream. One is to empty the contents of a can or two of shaving cream into a bucket. Then you let the kids enjoy their sensory play and explore the textures.

    Another way my kids enjoy playing with shaving cream involves a slip and slide. And just like you can imagine this is an insane amount of fun. Let your kids spray each other like they would with silly string. Place your slip and slide on grass, just like you normally would. Spray a healthy amount on the slip and slide too. I’m sure you can see where I am going with this.

    Let your kids go to town slipping and sliding with the aid of the shaving cream.

    You of course need to use your parental judgment to discern whether or not your kids are too young for this activity. But, my kids loved it from about age two and up.

    Probably their favorite part was when they were done with the shaving cream, we were able to bring the hose out to continue the fun.

    You can also fill water balloons with shaving cream. The splat they make is absolutely ridiculous. Add in a touch of food coloring and you can have a balloon fight with color coded teams.