• My brood of kids just returned home from camp. Along with all of the fun stories and games was a gem I wanted to pass along. Solar Oven S’mores. This really is as awesome as it sounds, and easy. I was so intrigued with my kids’ stories I knew I had to give it a try. To my surprise it really worked! Not only is this fun, and tasty, it is a great way to teach about solar power, and green houses. Score one for mom adding in some education!

    You will need:
    S’more ingredients – chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers
    Oven supplies- pizza box, plastic wrap, foil, black construction paper, and glue.

    On the lid of your pizza box draw a window roughly one inch smaller than the actual lid. Cut three sides of the window so you end up with a flap. Cover the flap (the side that will face down if the flap were closed) with foil. Put foil on the bottom of the pizza box as well.

    Grab your plastic wrap and place it on the lid of the pizza box while the flap is opened. We taped the plastic wrap down so it stayed good and taut.

    Place the black construction paper inside the box on top of the foil you already put down. Phew, your oven is ready!

    Build your s’mores and put them in your oven. Place your oven outdoors. Open the flap so that it points towards the sun. We used a stick to help the flap stay open. After about 45 minutes our chocolate and marshmallows were a complete gooey mess! My kids said it took longer at camp, so don’t despair if you don’t have melty goodness this quickly. It will work.

    This may not be as good as toasting that marshmallow on an open flame, but it is still totally cool and fun!