• Cold weather has a way of keeping us indoors during the winter. So I find that we tackle more crafting during the cold months than we do during summer. My kids are longing for the first snow fall, which does not seem to be imminent. We have been making snow related crafts for a few days to make do. We made snowflakes, and hung them on our windows, and played with glue mixed with shaving cream so we could mold a snowman. Fun stuff. Today, however, we used our old (completely clean) milk jugs to make snowman heads. You will not believe how easy it is.

    Get your milk cartons, clean them out well.

    Grab some scissors, construction paper, glue, and any other crafting supplies that might make a cute snow man accessory.

    Using black construction paper, cut out coal eyes, and a few for a smile. Using orange, cut triangles for their “carrot” noses.

    Now get ready for the hard part. Glue the paper to the jugs. Yup, that is it! My kids also made a scarf out of paper, a hat, and ear muffs out of colored cotton balls.

    This craft bought me some good quality time with the kids, and a few minutes to clean the kitchen while they added their final touches. When everything is finished, and the inside of the cartons are completely dry, cut a whole in the back of them large enough for your hand to fit in. I do this step at the end, and bot before, so the little ones don’t cut their hands while their working on their project. Place a wad of white Christmas lights inside and light them up. This was so easy, and my kids are absolutely ridiculously proud of their handiwork!