• Ever since introducing my kids to the show Myth Busters they have wanted nothing more than to try their experiments. As much as I love the fact that my kids are now interested in science, I worry about their excitement when the Myth Busters explode things.

    While watching Wreck It Ralph recently, I was reminded of a fantastic experiment involving soda and Mentos candies.

    This is absolutely an experiment you want to try outside.

    You will need a package of mint Mentos. I am not sure if regular flavored Mentos work or not. Both the Myth Busters and Wreck It Ralph used the mint kind, so I did too.

    And soda!

    Basically any brand of cola will work.

    Oh, and you might want to keep a hose pretty close for the clean up!

    Carefully have your kids drop in one candy (if you are using a 20 ounce soda bottle) or up to four (for two liters) into the bottle of soda.

    Then watch as your kids are amazed because the soda explodes out of the bottle. Our biggest one went about three feet into the air and ended up drenching my poor kids. They loved it though, and begged to do it over and over again. It was as if they expected the results to be different each time.

    If your kids are older, this could absolutely be turned into an actual science experiment complete with a hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion. Frankly, this might make a better exploding volcano project too. Just go easy on the number of candies you use so you don’t soak everyone in lava!