• My kids get so antsy on rainy days. We are always looking for new ways to spend the time that don’t include television or video games. I will admit that we do resort to electronics sometimes, but we do our best to have that be a last resort.

    The other day we were stranded inside, and my kids found a ball of blue painters tape. I had been painting a desk. They thought it was the coolest thing how this “ball” was sticky.

    In a moment of genius I grabbed the roll of tape and made a spider web in a doorway. I just hung the tape sticky side towards our living room in random lines. I attached one side to the top of the door frame and the other down one of the sides for example. After we had a nice big web it was time to start the game.

    First we talked about spider webs, and how they worked. Why they worked. Then we got to playing. We each took turns tossing things at our webs to try and get them to stick.

    Mostly we threw crumbled paper from my recycling bin. Some toys were tossed too, but it was easy to see that our toys were too heavy. Socks worked great however.

    There you have it, a quick, educational and easy game to get your kids up and moving a little on your next rainy day.