• It seems everyone I know has one or two behavior complaints about their children. One of the overwhelming consistencies between families was children who interrupt. I can honestly say that my husband and I haven’t finished a sentence since our daughter began talking. It got to the point that we were giving her what she wanted, simply because we wanted her to stop! Then, I sat back and realized that’s why she keeps interrupting. It works! She gets my attention, and often gets what she wants at the same time.

    We began by explaining that you could only say excuse me during a pause of conversation.

    My husband and I had already taught her the value of saying, “Excuse me.” She always says it when she interrupts, so it is hard to be upset at her for having what she considers manners. He is how we have started to combat this annoying habit. We began by explaining that you could only say excuse me during a pause of conversation. It took her about a week to really get the hang of this. Once she had that mastered, and she said, “Excuse Me” at the proper time we would respond to her.

    Our responses absolutely depended on her request. If, for example, she asked for a snack I would tell her that I would get her one just as soon as I was finished with this conversation. Then I would go back to talking. A few times she would just wait until the next conversation lull to ask again. At that point the answer became no, she could not have a snack because she asked twice when Mommy had already answered her question. Trust me, she didn’t do that again. If her interruption was simply to tell me something (something that I’m sure was important to her) I would explain that I wanted to hear what she had to say, but not until I was finished.

    It has been a few months, but this seems to be working for us thus far. Both my husband and I have finished at least two trains of thought!