• We all love to think that our kids are special. And really, they are in one way or another. They all have things that they are great at and they do better than their peers. Now I’m not telling you that my kids are geniuses, they have done too many goofy things to prove that they are just like any other kid. I am, however, suggesting that my kids have talents. For example, my son is two years old. For his birthday his sister bought him a Magnadoodle. It was a great gift, every kid needs one right?

    I am, however, suggesting that my kids have talents

    Within a few days not only has he proven that he loves the toy, but that he is capable of drawing above the average two year old. Each day he brings the toy to me or my husband and asks us to draw something. Woody, spiders, pigs, various cartoons, you name it. And he watches us, intently. Once we finish he grabs the board back and gives it a try for himself. It may take him a few tries, but he almost always gets something that is recognizable down. He is fascinated with drawing, and has to do it each and every day. I am so grateful for the Magnadoodle because without it we would go broke trying to supply him in crayons and paper. What are some talents that your kids have grown into?