• Now that my family and I are expecting our third bundle of love, we are starting to think about the financial effects a growing family will have on us. For starters, I haven’t been able to make breast milk for my kids. I have tried and tried, saw lactation consultants, took supplements, pumping, I just don’t seem to make milk. Aside from all the guilt that this has caused me in the past the cost of formula is daunting.

    After asking my pediatrician, and several other moms I have found some good secrets to saving money on formula. After talking with your own pediatrician about it, consider store brand formulas. The cost difference between major label and store label formulas is absolutely ridiculous. I’m talking $12 compared to $19, and in the store brands you tend to get about an ounce or so more in each can. My oldest child did wonderfully on the store brand formulas, and my second didn’t really take to it until he was about seven months old. According to our pediatrician, the store brands are closest to Similac. This makes perfect sense, my son didn’t do well on Similac either, but preferred Enfamil.

    But by all means, if your child will take the store brand, save your money! If you are currently pregnant, ask your OB for formula samples at your prenatal visits. Free is amazing. Do the same at your pediatricians. Once the baby is born, at each well visit ask for a sample. If the doctor suggests switching brands, ask for a sample. Lastly, watch for sales at grocery stores and places like Target. Our local store often has a buy two for $25 deal on formulas. If you combine that with a coupon, or a formula check, you’re golden!