• I cannot lie, I have the strangest habit of saving our toilet paper rolls.

    At first I didn’t really know why other than for recycling purposes, they just never ended up in the trash. Now, however, I have discovered their amazing crafting uses.

    So far, we have used toilet paper rolls to make a turkey for Thanksgiving. The roll was the body, and we used construction paper to make the feathers and feet that were glued on. Along those same lines we have made a plethora of bugs (butterflies, caterpillars, etcetera). Construction paper wings glued onto a roll, then painted or colored with crayons. Add some pipe cleaner antennae, and you’ve got a fantastic bug for the kids to make.

    toilet paper rolls can be crafting gold, especially for kids

    I have let the kids cut them in different sizes, paint them and then glue four or five of the rolls together to make pretend pan flutes. And we have of course made our fair share of binoculars, and Batman-esque belt packs. Lately we have been using them as stamps while painting. Along those same lines, you can flatten a roll, then cut it about four maybe five times to make little football shapes. Those little football shapes can be glued or stapled together to make one big flower. Those were also great for stamping while painting.

    Or you can even be like me and make a bunch of those flowers, spray paint them in an array of spring colors, attach them to some coordinating ribbon, and make yourself an easy, inexpensive, door hanger! Frame some up in a shadow box for some cute art in a little girls room.

    The point is that toilet paper rolls can be crafting gold, especially for kids. Especially showing them how something so mundane can be turned into something cool!