• My family and I are about to make the big trek down south to Disney World. We are of course all excited to go. The hardest part of the journey is understandably the 10 plus hour drive. Long road trips with little kids are always difficult. If your kids are like mine, they won’t sit in front of the DVD player that long. Really, who wants them to? When it comes to traveling games and activities I really try to keep things simple, and cheap. Chances are if you’re traveling with young children a budget is set and must be adhered to. For me, I’d rather spend the dough at the destination than on the trip itself.

    Each time we go on a road trip I prepare a travel box for each of my kids. Inside the box, in addition to snacks and games, is their activity folder. This is one of the cheapest and easiest things you can make for your kids.

    This year, because we are heading to Disney I chose to do a Disney themed folder. I purchased small half inch binders for each of my kids. I got the kind you can slide a cover sheet into the front for customization. On my computer I made each child a cover sheet that has their name, and where we are going. Inside the folder are just pictures that I found on the Internet of their favorite Disney characters. I also included word searches, mazes, counting games, connect the dots, basically anything that I could find that was free to print and Disney related. I simply printed the pages, hole punched them, then put them in each folder.

    On the inside cover of the folders I hot glued a small pack of colored pencils. Everything in one place. My kids love these folders. And I love that they are doing things besides sitting in front of the DVD player or the iPad. They even might do something slightly educational. But shhh, don’t tell them!

    We are on vacation.