• With the arrival of summer temperatures my kids and I have been spending lots more time outside. And of course, outside play eventually will include water play. Who doesn’t just love playing with water?

    One of our go to water play ideas is the water balloon piñata. You make this just as you imagine. Fill a balloon with water, and hang it up high, just like you would a candy filled piñata. I use regular sized balloons for the piñata just so that it can hold more water. It also makes it a bit harder to pop. Now, just like you would with a regular piñata, let your kids bang at it. Eventually someone will pop it and become soaked.

    My kids alternate between the one getting wet being the winner and the loser. You can also hang up more than one piñata so that more than one person has a chance to get wet too! No one wants to be left out of the fun.

    Instead of using bats to hit the balloon piñata you can use smaller water balloons. This will make it harder to pop the larger balloon, but more likely to get everyone playing wet.

    I love this idea for a summer birthday party, it’s better to get the kids running around and wet than it is to load them up on candy! Too much candy on a hot day makes for miserable parents.